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your basement wishes it was this dank

Ready, Able Stop-Motion

Incredible stop-motion music video for Ready, Able by Grizzly Bear.

This video was directed by Allison Schulnik, a multi-talented artist I featured on a previous post about a month ago. Her use of mixed media in this video is simply beautiful.


Chips, picking chips off rocky thumbnail, chips

Sweet time-lapse painting by Pat Perry to the tune of Air War by Crystal Castles. Saw this a while ago but recently stumbled upon it again. I forgot how awesome it was! Kind of long, but seeing the result is well worth it!


The Singularity is here to stay

I almost shat my pants when I first saw this incredible animation by Anthony Francisco Schepperd. Everything about this video is genuinely outstanding, but beyond that, the whole concept is truly on point.

Check out Schepperd’s video below and take a journey through the relationship between humans and technology, the possibly upcoming Singularity, and what could happen to life on Earth, post-merge.

This is the official music video for Blockhead’s ‘The Music Scene’.


El Guincho Goes Sagan

Today I’d like to share a music video from Spanish artist, El Guincho.

The latest single from this Barcelona native, Bombay, is surprisingly awesome! It can be found on his 2010 album, Pop Negro.

Marc Gómez del Moral is the director of photography for this production. I love his funky, somewhat lo-fi, experimental cinematography style, and this video is definitely no exception! The imagery is super interesting and suites the music very well.

Moral’s video for Bombay starts out with El Guincho doing a parody of a Carl Sagan documentary, but I’m pretty sure Sagan never had toe sucking, machine guns, naked girls, and all sorts of crazed people engaging in a manner of inexplicable mayhem.



I’ll take your brain to another dimension

Leading physicist, Brian Greene, takes your brain to the edge of the 11th dimension as he explains superstring theory, the idea that imperceptible strands of energy vibrating in 11 dimensions create every particle and force in the universe.


Featured Artist: Die Antwoord

Look out, da fokken prawns are coming! Oh wait, these guys didn’t escape from District 9, they’re just Ninja, Yo-Landi Vi$$er, and DJ Hi-Tek, the rap-rave crew members of the up and coming South African hip hop group, Die Antwoord.

This Vanilla Ice look-a-like is nothing but… Yet how does one even begin to describe the group’s sound? Well, according to members, it can only be described as Zef, a counter-cultural movement taking place in South African ghettos. It’s a style which is modern and trashy and includes out-of-date, discarded cultural and style elements. Slowly but surly making its way into mainstream culture, the likes of Zef can be seen and heard mostly due to such artists as Die Antwoord and Jack Parow.

There is no real way to understand Zef than by experiencing it first hand. So please tune your eyeballs and eardrums into Zef Side, and then their latest track, Evil Boy- produced by none other than Diplo. Careful though, it’s most definitely NSFW!


Featured Artist: Diego Stocco and his Bassoforte

Diego Stocco is a sound designer and composer, who creates new sound experiences in unusual and extremely creative ways. He is probably most famous for his Music From A Tree and Burning Piano videos. Diego’s various sounds, songs, and videos are created from different sources, like a found object or something that is built from scratch, such as the Bassoforte.

The Bassoforte was created using an old keyboard from a dismantled piano in his garden. The neck is from a broken electric bass, the bridge is a cabinet handle, the pickups are from a guitar, and the part at the top where the strings are attached is a chimney cap, which works as resonator as well as percussive sound.

The end result is an ingenious mechanical hybrid Diego dubbed the “Bassoforte” (bass + pianoforte). This definitely ain’t your mamma’s instrument!

For more on Diego Stocco, please visit his website:


Chop Cup


Most definitely had to watch this one more than once…

Design and Direction :weareom: –
Lighting by David Lee -
Production by studioset –
Post Production by :weareom: –
Sound by Alin Flaidar –
Starring Vlad Grigorescu –



Awesome Stop-Motion

Music, art, and sounds.

Killer video brought to you by the broken fingaz crew from Israel.

Sick street art animation created on the public walls of Buenos Aires. Created by Blu

Hmm… How do I explain this one? Pretty sick on so many levels. Created by Donato Sansone


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